A transcription and analysis of so what a tune by miles davis

Recorded on March 2nd,and with a line-up that included:

A transcription and analysis of so what a tune by miles davis

A few years later, however, his luck changed. Other musicians became interested in the tune as well. Dizzy Gillespie did a recording infor which he wrote his own distinctive intro and ending. Then, later inMonk finally got to record his tune for the first time. He tended to play it quite a bit faster and more abstractly than other interpreters.

The Miles Davis bouncy pattern But why do critics regard it as one of the best jazz albums ever made?
Download this score Guest Post by Marc Adler:

The one on Thelonious Himself is good too. Miles honed this arrangement in performances for years before finally recording it.

His take on the melody is similarly minimalist, using many fewer notes than the original. At the end of the head at 2: If you had to explain jazz to a visitor from outer space, you could do worse than this recording.

As do most singers, Ella omits the intro and ending. The most complete vocal version, and maybe the most beautiful, is by Carmen McRae again, from her highly recommended album Carmen Sings Monk. Hip-hop might point the way forward.

The problem is finding a decent chart. When I did the tune with my former jazz group, I decided to just transcribe the missing sections myself.

A transcription and analysis of so what a tune by miles davis

Feel free to download my chart here. Any crucial versions I missed? Leave them in the comments.Jul 21,  · Since some here found my analysis of Miles Davis's "Circle" useful, I am posting my analysis of "So What," excerpted from the same book, The Influence of Claude Debussy's and Maurice Ravel's Music on Jazz, as Seen in the Compositions of Bix Beiderbecke, Bill Evans and Miles Davis, by Ed Byrne (© Ed Byrne ).

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George Cole, who wrote The Last Miles: The Music of Miles Davis, , explains why Davis is so important and breaks down the key tracks. Mar 07,  · Miles Davis'Kind of Blue, which was released 50 years ago today, is a nearly unique thing in music or any other creative realm: a huge hit—the best-selling jazz album of all time— and the spearhead of an artistic revolution.

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on Guest Post by John Raymond: Miles Davis, Walkin’ (4 Versions) jamiepompey on Transcription. The Miles Davis bouncy pattern Posted on May 10, by Sweets One of the things Miles Davis is known for is coming up with the bouncy pattern.

Miles Davis trumpet solo on So What - mp3 sound clips transcription and analysis by Steve Khan. Soundclip: I happened to hit upon the "Jazz Channel" offered by Music Choice® and I came upon Miles' solo over his own tune, "So What." Of course, I have heard this tune, this solo countless times, for pleasure, and for study.

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