Causes and effects of road rage essay

LinkedIn Metro Manila traffic has the unique power of unleashing the inner savage within even the most decent of motorists. Intense heat, apocalyptic road congestion, irresponsible drivers, lazy law enforcers—all these have motorists abusing their car horns and shouting expletives at each other.

Causes and effects of road rage essay

Ann Conkle and Catherine West Tags: But for the vast majority, cars are still the main mode of transportation. When you break it down, driving is pure behavior. It involves perception, cognition, emotion, and social acumen to operate a car — to process the information conveyed by lines, signs and symbols, to navigate while steering, and to share the space with all those other drivers.

With more drivers on the road than ever, one has to wonder how so many people get from point A to point B in one piece. Psychological science is asking the same question.

Rage in the Machine One of the most discouraging aspects of driving is the prevalence of angry drivers. Of course, no one likes it when they are cut off, or when someone weaves through traffic, or cruises in the passing lane, and while some people handle bad drivers obstacles with grace, others turn to more offensive methods of expression.

All the Rage If you find yourself consistently outraged by the onslaught of angry drivers in your city, it may be time to move to a more laid back locale. But, when obscenities start flying from the mouth of a parent, with child in tow, or a sweet looking older woman, that has to make you wonder what exactly makes level-headed people turn in to angry road warriors.

It turns out that all of these actions can be fostered by the feeling of security generated by the locked doors of your car. Psychologists assert that drivers may develop a sense of anonymity and detachment in the confines of their vehicles.

And tinted car windows may be more than a safety hazard. Getting cut off is one thing, but when a huge gas guzzler whips in front of you, it seems to make the situation worse. More than a Number Two of the most common stereotypes in driving are that kids are maniacs behind the wheel, and that elderly people are a menace.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association NHTSAin, older individuals were injured in traffic crashes, accounting for 8 percent of all the people injured in traffic crashes during the year.

These facts point to a skill deficit in older drivers. Psychological science research presents us with interesting findings on the basic functioning skills of the aging population which have direct implications for many activities, including driving.

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One of the most ubiquitous findings in research on cognition and aging is that a wide variety of cognitive abilities show an increasing decline across the life span. But older drivers have been driving for years, so experience should mediate their ability to drive, right?

Older drivers still cognitively know the mechanics of driving, but their psychomotor abilities are not on par with their understanding of the skill. Researchers have examined whether long-term experience in areas such as driving, flying, and music serves to reduce age-related decline in basic abilities and helps develop compensating strategies.

This seems to work. According to a study conducted by the American Automobile Association Foundation for Traffic Safety and Yale University, senior drivers 70 years of age or older who took classroom driving improvement courses and behind the wheel training did, in fact, improve their driving performance.

Taking a look at the aging brain also reveals some of the challenges faced by elderly drivers. He insists that we understand far less about the aging process in the brain, than we do in the body.

And living independently requires access to transportation.

Causes and effects of road rage essay

With 27 million people currently aged 70 or older, a number predicted to rise to 37 million by the yearprecautions, such as age-related restrictions on licensing and mandated refresher courses, will need to be taken in order to reduce the safety risk of older drivers.

AARP opposes licensing restrictions and testing of elderly drivers, citing age discrimination. The law books are littered with ridiculous driving related laws. The first ever speed limit was set in the United Kingdom in — 4 mph in the country and 2 mph in town. To make matters worse for these slow moving drivers, each vehicle was required to have three drivers, two that sat in the car and one to walk in front carrying a red flag to warn the horses and carriages which shared the road.

Imagine that on your morning commute. But, funny laws are not restricted to those first automotive pioneers: In modern day Florida, if you tie an elephant, goat or alligator to a parking meter, you must pay the fare as you would for a car.

In Tennessee, it is illegal to shoot game from your car, but a special exception is made for shooting whales. Lawmakers were obviously trying to keep the ballooning Tennessee whale population under control.

Stopping for ice cream on a hot day in Kentucky can turn sour if you are caught unlawfully transporting the cone in your back pocket while driving. If your car breaks down in Detroit and you are waiting for assistance, be aware that sitting in the middle of the street to read a newspaper is illegal.

One of the most bizarre driving laws comes to us from Pennsylvania, where if you spy a team of approaching horses, you are required by law to pull to the side of the road and cover your car with a blanket or dust cover that has been painted or sewn to blend into the scenery.

But, if the horses react skittishly to your efforts, you are then required to disassemble your car and hide the parts in the nearby underbrush.

The leading cause of death in the elderly is still heart disease, not car crashes; however the same cannot be said for their younger counterparts.

Young drivers, ages to years old, are especially at risk for death and injury on our roadways. Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers in America.

Mile for mile, teenagers are involved in three times as many fatal crashes as all other drivers NHTSA.11 Causes Of Road Rage And How To Not Lose Your Mind It's not your fault that everyone else is the worst!

SafeAuto knows you and your car are pretty much perfect. “Road Rage” written by Andrew Ferguson is a story about Americans problems on the road. There are more drivers on the road these days which leads to more road rage.

(A . Road Rage - Road Rage in the United States: Fences by august wilson essay Causes. aviation then you are probably familiar with the effects of traffic congestion 05 01 Road rage can lead to violence. and accidents to the effects of road rage our 17 12 Road Rage is emotions that impair a drivers thinking and thought process.

fear. Road Rage in the United States: Causes, Effects, and Solutions - Road Rage in the United States: Causes, Effects, and Solutions Thesis Road rage is a major problem in the United States, it causes anger, fear, and accidents to our roadways everyday.

Road Rage Intensifiers "Road ragers are selfish, power hungry, angry, and vindictive," Cadell explains. The average offender has raged at least 27 times, according to one study. What causes. Road rage is rather often confused with aggressive driving, and although the latter can be the “symptom” of road rage, the first one is a more complex phenomenon.

“Legally, road rage is not recognized in most states,” says Dr. Leon James, professor of Psychology at the University of Hawaii.

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