Company analysis of rado watch

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Company analysis of rado watch

Mar 9, branding in China Chinese market: As most of industries in China, this one is also arriving at maturity. Taking this into account, Chinese buyers are much more aware of watches technology; and we can see that they have different styles preferences.

Wechat is not an easy social media where you can promote your brand. You can rely on Wechat to spread your content, there are 2 main steps: You have to communicate about the universe you evolve in. Diffuse your content in strategic groups and influencers where you will have more visibility.

Weibo for KOL You can use Weibo as a way to promote your luxury watch brand with attractive content too. But the difference from Wechat is that you will create a more interactive content with your audience: Weibo is also an effective tool for KOLs, use the image of the most important web influencers or even some famous stars figures.

In China, focus on fashion addicts Engage your consumer with social medias tools We have seen the power of Wechat and Weibo to first create an environment around your brand and second use as an efficient KOL tool.

Another interesting way to engage your customers is to encourage them to express their creativity. Online brand image Online branding is really a important key part for luxury brand.

Marketing Mix (7P + 4C).Executive Summary This report provides an analysis and evaluation of the renowned wrist watch manufacturing company “Rado”. Box Analysis of Brand Elements. Marketing Budget & Expenditure. Rado Watches, a renowned Swiss luxury watch brand, has been available in India at Rado Boutique in Delhi & Gurgaon by Johnson Watch Co., New Delhi. Rado is a globally recognized brand, famous for innovative design and its use of revolutionary materials to create some of the world’s most beautiful and durable watches. Rado: The Master of Materials Combining design and high-tech materials for watches that will stand the test of time. Rado is a globally recognised Swiss watch brand, famous for innovative design and its use of revolutionary materials to create some of the world’s most recognisable and durable watches.

If you want your brand to succeed in the luxury watch industry, then you have to get an online brand reputation. You can work on your online branding with two main means: How to build it? First, you have to target some specialized luxury forums where you can publish some interesting and relevant articles about your brand, product and company.

You have to write content, a lot of content with backlinks and hyperlinks connected to relevant websites such as governmental ones or top rank certified ones on Baidu. What does that means? Airport display Have you seen those big banners ads at the Airport?

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Airport is the perfect place to promote your luxury brand with an effective marketing campaign. The reason of this success is because of the huge touristic flow in airports. So it is the perfect place for you to promote your brand watch.

Below, you can see the example of Rolex. O2O The revolution of online to offline knows a certain success. The space between online gateway and real and physical store offline seems to be tighter than ever. If you are a luxury watch brand then you have to keep in mind that in-store experience for the customer is really important.

The QR code was actually a guideline at the exhibition, after users arrived at the exhibition, they would receive keys.Find luxury discount men's watches including slim-fitting watches to practical, durable and rugged-looking authentic designs at great prices.

Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Swiss watch exports.


Statistics on Swiss watch exports are updated monthly. They are based on foreign trade statistics prepared by the Federal Customs Administration. All values are expressed as export prices, according to declarations made by the exporting firms.

Titan Company Limited Fastrack – the youth watch and accessories brand was launched in In the year , Titan announced the acquisition of Swiss watch maker Favre-Leuba to enter into the European market.

Company analysis of rado watch

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7 best ways to Market your Watch Brand in China.

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Mar 9, | branding in China. a sport event and the promotion of a Rado watch. Weibo for KOL. Marketing China- Smart Tips for Smart Business in China. Marketing news and analysis for CEO, Entrepreneurs, and Top Managers.

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