Dessay glitter and be

They came into being, these corps, and you at home know nothing of the labour and travail that attended the birth.

Dessay glitter and be

Thanks for posting so many versions of it. I was blown away. While being blown away, I also kept -- intermittently -- getting irritated. She has the perfect voice for this song.

Dessay glitter and be

God, those high notes! The first time I got irritated was very close to the beginning, when she lampooned the word "France. The fun of it is getting to watch -- live -- the spinning cogs and wheels of human brains. I find this asking and grappling just as compelling in comedy as in tragedy.

As a director, my most common work with actors is to say, "Wait! Really think about it. Take a pause if you have to. I want to see you lost for the answer. Then I want to see you figure out the answer right in front of me! Humans DO wrestle with petty things.

It makes what comes NEXT so much more fun and surprising -- to the audience and to her. Forced to bend my soul to a sordid role, victimized by bitter, bitter circumstance.

Here I droop my wings, ah! Singing of a sorrow nothing can assuage. I have no strong objection to champagne, Ha ha!

My wardrobe is expensive as the devil, Ha ha! Perhaps it is ignoble to complain These thoughts can be surprising and thrilling, popping into the middle of what seemed like a tragic song.

But the actress needs to "earn" them by playing the beginning -- the sad part -- honestly. Notice that the last line I quoted is a question -- a "perhaps. So, she wonders, should she stop complaining? THEN, if done well, she makes a snap decision in front of us.

And this decision earns her the right to topple over into the most famous part of the song: After which, a new sad thought occurs to her, and the whole thing repeats. If this is done right, you get to see someone go from being in the pits of despair to being on the greatest high, right in front of you, in just a few short minutes.

What could be more exciting than that? I just wanted to try and give a coherent explanation of why someone might prefer the song to be sung differently, and in what way differently.

Dessay glitter and be

Much more so than Dessay. So what I want to see is Chenowith -- but Chenowith playing the song truthfully. She just needs a director to tell her to cut out the BS and commit to it. Time to dust that puppy off Thanks for a fantastic post. But maybe what we need to see is the whole show.

The Chenowith and both Dessay clips are of them at a concert, maybe Chenowith would be more toned down and in character if she did the entire show. But at a concert, I think most of the performers want to be "The Showstopper" and she delivers in that clip.

Shortly before arriving at Wellesley, Wilbur had been approached by Leonard Bernstein and Lillian Hellman, and asked to produce lyrics for the comic operetta they were working on, Candide. The collaboration, though fruitful, was not always easy.

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June Anderson as conducted by Bernstein Lucia di Lammermoor. Šílená scéna."Spargi d'amaro pianto". Metropolitan Opera, NY, One of the best Lucia. Natalie Dessay's collection of coloratura mad scenes from Italian, French, and American opera is culled from a variety of previous high-profile releases of recitals and complete operas, so avid fans of the soprano aren't likely to find new performances here, except perhaps Glitter and be gay, from Candide, from the EMI disc Centenary Gala at .

Join our mailing list for new arrivals and coupons. Copyright © Dash of Glitter - Powered by GoDaddy Online StorePowered by GoDaddy Online Store ×. Natalie Dessay's "The Miracle of the Voice" is a welcome addition to the recording oeuvre. She covers much territory in this 2 CD work--from Offenbach to Donizetti to Gounod to Delibes to Massenet to Stravinsky and Bernstein (Candide).

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