How to be a responsible pet owner essay

Overview[ edit ] HSUS formed after a schism surfaced in the American Humane Association over pound seizure, rodeo, and other policy issues.

How to be a responsible pet owner essay

Questions and Answers Overview Q. What is an animal microchip implant? Although most of the capsules are made of glass, some are made of a polymer material. Are all animal microchip implants the same?

There are a variety of animal microchip implants that operate at different frequencies. The total number of digits that make up the identification number may vary depending on the brand of microchip.

Some chips are encrypted and others are not encrypted. In order to prevent the microchip from moving around in the body, some brands have an anti-migrational sheath that covers one end of the chip. However, the accuracy of temperature-sensing microchip implants is questionable.

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Some researchers have observed that when cancerous growths formed at the site of a microchip implant, the growths often started to form at the area of the anti-migrational sheath.

Blanchard and colleagues write: Anti-migrational sheath Sh with barb B and hole H. X20 Surface of the polypropylene sheath with numerous extrusion lines EL and the sprue Spwhich has the appearance of a twisted nipple with jagged elevations. What is a temperature-sensing microchip implant?

A temperature-sensing microchip implant is a bio-sensing microchip that is marketed as a way to measure the temperature of an animal.

Is the temperature-sensing microchip implant accurate? For more information, please see the question: If the scanner is able to detect and read the chip, an identification number is displayed on the scanner and subsequently entered into a database. Who is allowed to implant a microchip in an animal?

Depending on the region or country in which you live, a microchip may be implanted in your pet by a veterinarian, designated shelter employee or breeder. Anyone who has completed a brief microchipping course — either in person or online — may also be allowed to perform the procedure. Are there potential risks associated with the microchip implant procedure?

Using too much force, placing the needle too deeply, or placing it in the wrong location can not only make it difficult to detect or read the microchip in the future, but it can also cause life-threatening problems.

Chips wrongly implanted over the side of either shoulder instead of in-between are likely to migrate down either respective leg….

How to be a responsible pet owner essay

In spite of the potential risks associated with microchipping animals, some microchipping courses only require an individual to be 16 years of age or older, and implant one animal in order to pass the course.

The vet then signs a certificate for you and that is recognised by Petlog UK Kennel Club that you have been appropriately trained. It is also potentially dangerous for the handler of the animal because some animals may be nervous or aggressive.

What types of animals have been implanted with microchips? Microchips have been marketed and sold for use in dogs, cats, horses, fish, ferrets, alpacas, llamas, livestock, laboratory animals, zoo animals, birds, turtles, reptiles, elephants and many other animals.

How is a microchip implanted in an animal? The chip is implanted by using an insertion device that contains a needle that is larger than those used for regular injections. In general, animals such as dogs, cats and horses are not sedated for the procedure.

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However, mild sedation or a local anaesthetic may be necessary for some animals. For some species of animals the microchipping procedure is more complex. For example, birds require tissue glue and digital pressure or a suture to seal the site of implantation.

Where is the chip usually implanted in an animal? The bodily location of the microchip implant varies depending on the type of animal. In addition, different parts of the world may use different implant sites for the same type of animal.

The chip is implanted subcutaneously on the dorsal midline, cranial to the shoulder blades or scapula. Or, the chip is implanted subcutaneously in the midway region of the left side of the neck. The chip is generally implanted in the nuchal ligament of the neck in the middle third or halfway point between the ears and the withers.Many timely persuasive speech topics can be found on radio, TV, your local newspaper, or your Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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