How to write a cv nzx

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How to write a cv nzx

My blog is about achieving financial freedom by being smart and lazy so FIRE is my goal. Check out their content if you want to know more. Financial Independence means you have enough wealth to live on without working. Here is an example.

I know there is some information missing from this example and the portfolio seems really big, I will go into that later. Retirement is NOT an Age The general idea for retirement in New Zealand is you work all the way from your 20s to 60s and retire when the superannuation or KiwiSaver kicks in.

However, in our previous example, we can see we can use an investment portfolio to replace our job. Therefore, retirement is not really about your age. Your retirement should bebase on your investment portfolio and its return. So every year you spent every dollar you earned. Therefore, you will still need to work in your 60s and 70s, or you will have some serious cut back in your retirement.

You start at 25 keep saving and investing that money for 17 years. Therefore you reach financial independence at 42 and you can retire if you want to. I will cover that later. Now, you can see your retirement is not about your age but how much money you are invested.

More importantly, you are in contorl on when and how you retire. Typical Work Life In typical New Zealand work life, you got out of school in your early 20s and start working. If you are really lucky, you may actually work on something you genuinely enjoy. However, for most people, we are working for the pay cheque.

What is FIRE?

You may change a couple jobs along the way, and most of you will get better pay during 30s — 50s. On the other hand, our lifestyle trend to improve with our income. You may still manage to find some money left, why not put it as your down payment for your boat, right?

Everyone is doing that! There is always stuff you can buy. Also, since you have to pay for your home, car and that boat, you need to make sure you are on top of your work so that you can enjoy your nice things during your day off.

Now you are 65 and the society says you should retire and start enjoying your life.

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However, soon you will relize, you may have the money to do all those things, but you are in your 60s now. Your energy is just not the same when you are in your 30s and 40s. Analysis that Typical work life If we observe that typical work life, its basically boils down to this: Then we that money to pay for our living expenses so we can keep working.Simple backup script for linux — February 27, Sometimes you just need a simple backup script so that you can backup and restore your entire operating system.

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how to write a cv nzx

Latest breaking news articles, photos, video, blogs, reviews, analysis, opinion and reader comment from New Zealand and around the World - NZ Herald. FIRE is a movement in the personal finance space and its gaining momentum in New Zealand.

We have growing numbers of Kiwis (+) who wants to be FIRE and more people writing about it. MZP ÿÿ¸@ º ´ Í!¸ LÍ! This program must be run under Win32 $7PEL ^B*à ”F`› °@ @ éï € @ ÐP,PP Ð+ð CODE€’ ” `DATAL ° ˜@ÀBSSL CV and cover letter templates and tips, job application tips and advice.

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