Is preschool right for my child

Is my baby going to actual school, with classmates, teachers and leavinggggggg meeee? You know what else made me cry a little? The list of 15 preschools that I applied to, set up tours with and basically stalked.

Is preschool right for my child

Is preschool right for my child

Learn more about the unique programmes and facilities these preschools offer, so you can make the right choice for your child. Click on the preschool names to get to their websites. A notable part of the curriculum is Project Hub, which allows children to explore topics that they initiate in class.

Projects take pupils out of the classroom and give them hands-on experience in things that interest them. Depending on the topic, these can include surveys, experiments and even excursions. Chances for self-expression in the form of arts and crafts, music and dance are also incorporated into these plans.

These are just some of the themes children may explore under its Nimble Fingers, Nimble Minds arts and crafts programme. The thematic approach allows children to delve into different topics, artistic mediums and styles of drawing. But in keeping with the Montessori philosophy of giving children a freedom of choice in their learning, kids can approach the topic in any way they choose, draw anything they want and use any medium they like.

This programme is open to the public, too, as an enrichment course, but only at Josiah Montessori Kindergarten and Learning Centre. My First Skool uses the Petal approach, which is an acronym for playing, exploring, thinking, and applying learning. In one class, pupils press, knead and roll a lump of dough to learn the concept of forces.

Then they explore what happens when water is added to the dough, and think about how they can reverse the process and make it less damp. This knowledge can be applied again in the future, during baking sessions, or if the class happens to play with flour again.

The Petal approach is integrated similarly into other lessons at the school. Both languages are given equal priority. In every class, the English teacher guides the kids she is assigned to in English, while the Mandarin teacher does the same in Mandarin.

This method aims to give children maximum exposure to both languages throughout the day. But the children at her preschool will master 1, words by graduation. It uses a proprietary curriculum designed and written by the principal herself. Pupils recite classical poems to music, learn Chinese painting and dabble in calligraphy.

The former puts kids in a per cent Mandarin speaking environment, while in the latter, Mandarin takes up half the day. Desiree Ng, programme director of the school, believes that full immersion during Mandarin class is most effective.

The full-day kindergarten programme includes a long list of enrichment courses — from the academic like phonics and Mandarin to the less conventional like aerobics and a cooking class.

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Mind Over Matter is an interesting programme that bridges movement with the mental and emotional. It starts with energetic physical exercise and some aerobics, which slows down to more focused, controlled movements.

Then physical activities cease, and a visualisation of the movements and the feelings associated with them are visualised. Gym and aikido classes are not an optional enrichment — they are part of the curriculum. The newest programme is Write a Rainbow, which encourages pupils to exercise their creativity through producing stories.

It simplifies the writing process for the kids by compressing it into seven aspects, each represented by a colour of the rainbow. Facilities include an orchard planted with papaya trees, brinjal and lady fingers; a music garden with drums and xylophones; an alfresco dining area where pupils eat their lunch; and a long driveway where kids ride their trikes and bikes.

The school has even managed to install a flying fox. Pupils enjoy at least one session of outdoor activities daily.Maybe you have wondered what is Montessori preschool and if it's right for your child. Learning what's involved in a Montessori education at the primary level and the pros and cons of the method will guide you in making an informed decision before sending your child off to preschool.

It’s that time of year: daycare and preschool tours start ramping up and parents have to try to figure out which is the right option for their child.

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Sep 05,  · Preschool, did I just really say that? Is my baby going to actual school, with classmates, teachers and leavinggggggg meeee? She is my first born ya know, I may cry a little watching her march into the classroom for the first day and become even more independent.

My School Preschool in Greenwood Village is committed to the social, emotional and physical well-being of the children and their families. Supporting the child’s social & emotional development is an ongoing partnership between teachers and families.

"My child has thrived in Right At School's preschool program. The staff is very involved; I feel like they are family and have helped shape and raise my daughter to be the best she can be. Young Parents [email protected] Learn more about the unique programmes and facilities these preschools offer, so you can make the right choice for your child.

Deciding If Preschool is Right for Your Child