Suppression of reading materials as a supression of creative thoughts

It is continuously under attack. Private groups and public authorities in various parts of the country are working to remove or limit access to reading materials, to censor content in schools, to label "controversial" views, to distribute lists of "objectionable" books or authors, and to purge libraries.

Suppression of reading materials as a supression of creative thoughts

Clearly something hard to talk about constructively. After all, what makes a thing obscene? It is Something too vague perhaps to be defined.

Different people often see things differently. Some see obscenity in nude pictures, statues, paintings, etc. While others find less obscenity in these things. Clearly obscenity is not identical with evil. It only covers a single segment of it. But what is that segment? This is how criminal law defines obscenity.

Suppression of reading materials as a supression of creative thoughts

But it is rather vague. People tend to object far more to "hard-core pornography. And they are these realistic books that have people outraged. And in public libraries, parents were once again the single greatest source of challenges to materials. The world is filled with "obscene" things.

And it would seem that those parents are just trying to protect their children from the outside world. But does it really help? These day, an average elementary school student knows many things.

They are influenced by a wide range of sources, from television and other forms of media, their environment at home and school, their personality and their background.

Why they read does not necessarily mean that they will follow. Literature is a valued source of knowledge for these children, and should not be held back. So rather than applying full censorship, it should be made an age- related censorship.

Many of the complaints that were issued were of the immaturity of the readers. And younger children should be prevented from borrowing material intended for an older age group.

Controversial materials should still be held either in reserve stock, available on request, or under a section for parents and teachers who can decide for themselves whether the material is suitable or not. Our would is not perfect. We are a world filled with violence, sex, racism, etc.

Certain literature like "hard-core pornography" should be censored to the general public. These types of "explicit sex" truly have no meaning.

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They degrade the human race by increasing physical, mental and sexual abuse against women, animals, and sometimes against men. These inhuman treatments should not be shown to prevent other potential people from "experimenting" these acts of disgust.

They may also cause an increase in the violence against women, so they must be reduced and kept out of reach of the immature readers. To make a tree grow correctly, you must start caring from the very beginning. You must not block its nutrients, water nor sunlight, but allow it to move around a bit.

We have a governing social system that mainly frowns upon the violence against women. There should indeed be access to most types of literature, but in varying degrees of freedom, determined not by censorship, but by controlled access.

Parents are trying to protect their children from the harsh realities of life, but are they really helping, or hindering? Bibliography The Censorship Iceberg: The results of a survey of challenges in school and public libraries.

School Libraries in Canada. The Globe and Mail. By The Law Reform Commission: By the book and periodical development council.Thought suppression is a type of motivated forgetting when an individual consciously attempts to stop thinking about a particular thought.

It is often associated with obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD). Does an Open Office Plan Make a Creative Environment? Thought suppression refers to the deliberate act of trying to force the unwanted information out of your awareness. Continue Reading. Suppression of Black Creative Minds.

A lot of people (including myself) fear rejection. The thought of being turned away because of performance, ideas and opinions is terrifying to think about. There is so much untapped potential in people because of the lack of motivation and resources.

If a powerful black mind comes up with something. Suppressing emotions, or just trying to push emotional thoughts and feelings out of your mind, is an emotion regulation strategy many people use. When used from time to time, it doesn’t have dramatic negative consequences.

Suppression is conscious. Repression is subconscious. So what? To help a person deal with suppressed feelings, first create an open and accepting environment where there is .

Given that distressing thought, called obsessions, are at the core of OCD, it has been suggested thought suppression may play a role in causing some of the symptoms of OCD. For instance, although we all experience strange, bizarre or shocking thoughts throughout the day, if you have OCD, you may overreact to such thoughts by trying to suppress them, which only causes them to come back worse .

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