Thesis theme change sidebar background color

It has more number of features. For blogging thesis theme is very useful and also user friendly. It is very useful for thesis users.

Thesis theme change sidebar background color

Like one line of code easier. There are a number of filters you can use too, which you may be able to work with to give different values in different situations by looking at what is there already. That should give you the flexibility to deal with each differently August 20, at 1: Although I was able to get a second editor on the page, the switching between HTML and Visual did not work as expected.

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August 20, at 9: I also noticed the lack of switching. However, you should be able to overcome that with some JavaScript. Whether to display media buttons. Tabindex for textarea element.

I think its time for a rewrite and a patch. I hate it when I find these things… its just more work for me. David August 20, at 9: August 21, at 2: Again, its just a matter of poking around things.

August 25, at David August 25, at 7: Could that be added to each additional wysiwyg also? Reason I ask, I am using a google maps plugin which adds an additional icon to this list for adding maps and streetview, I would ideally love to be able to have this icon and the row it is with above each additional meta wysiwyg.

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Thanks Kathy August 25, at 7: However, i needed to customize the buttons available in the TinyMCE toolbar. Hope this is useful to someone… Robert August 25, at Like David, I am also curious how to go about adding in the wp gallery buttons to each instance. Would love to see how it is done if someone has the time for an example snippet.

Thesis theme change sidebar background color

Dimas August 26, at 7: When I have a moment I will add a section to the article about that. Thank you for sharing! August 26, at 8: One thing that the current custom post feature gets wrong is that each post type can, at best, belong to its own hierarchy. It is effectively a drop down list of some or all of the metaboxes added.

As the user selects an option, that metabox will become visible and as an option theEditor disappears. August 26, at 3: There is a codex page about this here: You can check out the links there tho. To add buttons to a particular toolbar area you can use these filters: However, you should be able to study existing plugin code to gain that insight.

Thesis theme change sidebar background color

Kathy August 26, at 6: I will check into that more tomorrow when I am feeling fresher. Between this and trying to add upload functionality to the meta boxes my brain is a touch fried tonight.

And i just watched 3 eps of the Jersey Short, which I am sure killed a few brain cells.


August 26, at Create a new site from the hamburger bootstrap menu and pick up the theme you find most appropriate; Use the Red Plus button in the lower right corner to bring out .

Normally Thesis theme sidebar widgets are very simple.

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In order to look our sidebars pretty we need to style your widget background and text area. Sidebar gives the better impression to our visitors, so we need to concentrate more on sidebar widget element customization. Theme Functionaility. Templatic offers themes for every niche plus they make it a point to release at least 2 new themes every month.

What’s great about their themes is that all are built ready for advertising and other forms of website monetization. But that only helps you with future interns.

For your current ones, I’d still see if you can bundle this together with a few other “things you might not realize about being in an office” tips, which I think will minimize some awkwardness (and I bet there are more tips that would be helpful to them).

Updated 30th June The jQuery Floating Menu plugin allows you to add a floating, sticky menu containing important links to your Wordpress site. Adsense Layout 5. This is an interesting ad layout because it is set up to display the ads after the first paragraph of the article.

So, this is less aggressive than layout 3 for example, but would still get a very good CTR because the ads are still above the fold, in the content, and left justified.

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