Ways of reading panopticism ninth edition

John Gray's best-seller Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, for example, claimed to offer some ostensibly ground-breaking insights into differences between men and women, and into the means by which heterosexual communication in relationships could be improved. It also paved the way for a series of popular sequels. This article employs feminist critique, influenced by poststructuralism, in order to examine the kinds of discursive strategies employed in Gray's recent Mars and Venus in the Bedroom: A Guide to Lasting Romance and Passion.

Ways of reading panopticism ninth edition

Living the Rule of Saint Benedict Today" to review because I have the good fortune to live within a mile of a Benedictine Abbey where the mass is chanted in plainsong Gregorian chant. Being impressed with the Abbey, I sought to learn more about their Benedictine tradition. The author, Joan Chittister, is a former prioress of the Benedictine Sisters of Erie, where she remains as an active member.

In she published Monasteries of the Heart, a book used in conjunction with a new program being developed to enable lay groups to integrate Benedictine spirituality into their own lives.

Sister Chittister has lived as a Benedictine monastic for over 30 years and writes as only one whose life has been shaped, matured, and seasoned by the Rule, can. Her writing emerges from a wellspring of depth, yet it is accessible, contemporary, deeply ecological, and passionately engaged.

The book is not arranged as a pure translation of the Rule, point by point, with commentary.

Ways of reading panopticism ninth edition

It is, rather, a topically arranged series of essays that use short passages from the Rule as jumping off points. For this reason, it is not complete as an introduction to the Rule of Saint Benedict.

It is at its best as an excellent companion to a good translation of the Rule. Although giving occasional examples of how the different themes in the Rule can be applied in a secular life, the majority of her illustrations are drawn from her own monastic life, and as such, not always easy to apply to urban family life.

Nonetheless, there is a great deal to ponder in this work. In chapter 1, page 12, she writes, "When I first entered monastic life, I was given a copy of the Rule.


It made no sense to me. I wanted holiness on the installment plan Chapter 2 opens with a quote from the prologue of the Rule concerning the need to listen to the Holy Spirit. On page 15, she says, "Benedictine spirituality is about listening to four realities: It is an act that is to be used to enlarge our hearts so that we respond to the needs of those around us: On page 18 she comments that, "It takes a lot of listening to hear the needs of those around us before they even speak them.

But there is no good human community without it. Listening and love are clearly of a piece. In a culture that glorifies individual differences and enshrines diverse lifestyles and relativistic cultural ethics, there is no hub from which community can radiate.

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She assures us that, "Benedictine listening is about seeking out wise direction as well How can we hear the voice of God if we are not familiar with it? Benedictine spirituality has no room for arrogance elevated to the level of inspiration. These tales add a certain charm to the book, reminding us of the oral and later, written, tradition that binds the Benedictine community and its teachings together from one generation to the next with the loving threads of continuity, love, and wisdom.

Chapter three, entitled Prayer and Lectio, opens with a paragraph from the Rule that gives advise concerning the proper way to pray. Sister Chittister comments that, "Prayer that is regular confounds both self-importance and the wiles of the world.

Because they are there praying, I go to prayer. Because they are there always, I make room in my life for them and for God.

Our gifts are to be given away so that the whole human community is richer for our having been here. We are not talking about Benedictines being leaven for the small, local cloistered monastic community; we are talking about spreading the gifts of Benedictine spirituality throughout the global human community everywhere, lay and monastic alike.

We are also entertaining the idea that non-monastics and non-religious can indeed adapt the Rule into their nuclear families, and neighborhood functions.

This idea becomes more and more of a focus in her later books, especially Monasteries of the Heart.

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In chapter 5, the author takes on what is probably the most unpopular aspect of the Rule, the Twelve Degrees of Humility. In the Benedictine Rule, there are twelve distinct stages of humility, and from a reading of the Rule itself, they seem not only unattainable, but most modern readers would question why anyone would want to.

The sixth degree of humility states that a monk must "accept all that is crude and harsh and thinks himself a poor and worthless workman" [from the Rule] But thanks to Sister Chittister, the entire chapter on humility from the Rule is rendered not only achievable, but it's truly healthy effects on one's soul are clearly apparent.

On page 54 she states that, "The pride that is the opposite of monastic humility is the desire to be my own God and to control other people and other things.

Humility comes from understanding my place in the universe. Chapter 6 is entitled, Monastic Mindfulness: A Blend of Harmony, Wholeness, and Balance.

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