Writing a situation analysis for a marketing plan

The rapid growth of the Internet and online services that has been witnessed worldwide is only the beginning of a long-lived trend towards an economy built on the infrastructure of the Internet. The potential growth of the Internet is enormous, to the point where one day, a computer terminal with an online connection will be as common and necessary as a telephone or toilet. This may be 5 or 10 years down the road, but for the next five years, the online service provider market is sure to experience tremendous growth. Establishing itself as the first cyber-cafe in the area, JavaNet will enjoy the first-mover advantages of name recognition and customer loyalty.

Writing a situation analysis for a marketing plan

Key Messages Tactics Now, keep in mind, not every plan needs to be a three-ring binder or the equivalent in our online world full of pages and pages of detail.

Sometimes, a tactical PR timeline works just as well, as long as everyone is one the same page about the goals. Executive Summary Sometimes, we present plans to a large group of people, some of whom want all the nitty gritty, while others just want the high-level overview.

If someone is only going to read two pages of your hard work, this is it. The summary is just that: If your plan is fairly brief, you can skip this section.

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Write this section last. Research Summary Every good PR plan is based on solid research.

That can be extensive, in-depth research which my friend Chuck Hemann will talk to you about any day … or it can be a simpler way of collecting information. Research can include interviews with: Each has a valuable perspective to offer.

Try to conduct the interviews without other management in the room. Why are they doing business with your company over the competition? What do they like about working with you?

What do they not like? This is where the real wealth of information lies. Why did someone choose to stop working with the company? How can PR play a role in addressing those issues? It can even be done online.

Situation Analysis

While a phone survey conducted by a professional research company is optimal, interviews conducted internally can work just as well.

To keep their costs manageable, our agency conducted about 70 interviews by phone. Though time-consuming, it was an effective way to gather anecdotal evidence that provided the basis for the plan. In addition to interviews, collect qualitative data: SurveyMonkey is an affordable, easy to use option.

writing a situation analysis for a marketing plan

How often are people talking about your company vs. Are comments negative or positive? Who is the competition and how are they positioning themselves?

Define their brand vocabulary. Where and how are they promoting themselves? What are they doing well?When creating a marketing plan, the very first thing that should be done is to write a situation analysis.

It’s easy for business owners to gloss over this step because they are so deeply involved in their business it doesn’t occur to them that there is anything to learn by writing it down. Marketing Plan Example One-page Marketing Plan # 1.

The first marketing plan template is one that I’ve loosely adapted from learnings from the original marketing guru, Philip Kotler. (Even he doesn’t believe in hundred-page plans). Product specific, market specific, or company-wide plan that describes activities involved in achieving specific marketing objectives within a set timeframe.

A market plan begins with the identification (through market research) of specific customer needs and how the firm intends to fulfill them while generating an acceptable level of ashio-midori.com generally includes analysis .

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The Market Situation section of your plan includes research and analysis of your target market, competitors, business challenges, and your company’s competitive differentiators. It should contain your best and most clear description of the current state of the marketplace. In the first part of the situation analysis section of your business plan, start by describing your company's marketing goals and objectives.

An example of a well-written objective statement is: "Use direct marketing to increase sales of our new training manual by 10 percent by August ". Answer: The best format for a marketing plan incorporates five sections, from an overview through a written budget.

Follow this formula for a clear, workable plan: 1.

writing a situation analysis for a marketing plan

Situation analysis. Begin.

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