Year 10 history mock exam

This paper consists of important questions of class 10 Physics. These questions will help students to make an easy and effective preparation for exams and score optimum marks.

Year 10 history mock exam

Year 10 history mock exam

Name of the organisation responsible to promote micro, small and medium industrial sector in India. Why market borrowings of the union government have gone up in the year ? Which of the following, is not an example of core industry?

Which of the following are not among those four states? Which of the following is an example of nontax revenue? Full form of MRTP act. Which of the following is not an industrial sector? Who among the following is a deputy governor of RBI?

Which of the following acts, helps a bank in its day to day activities? Lack of access to financial services, is technically known as. Banks in India required to maintain a portion of their demand and time liabilities with the reserve bank of India.

What is the technical term for this portion? Example of major risks faced by the bank in their daily business. Which of the following schemes was launched by RBI inunder which government of India stated that securities could be issued to absorb surplus or durable liquidity?

What amount was allocated for raising credit to farmers in union budget full form of MFI. Which of the following statement is true about International monetary fund.

Definition of bank rate. Which of the following term is associated with banking and finance. Which of the following is a millennium development goal? Which of the following countries got a new bailout package with the help of private sector?

Goods and services tax will be implemented from which year? Who is the president of the World Bank? Which of the following is a contentious issue between WTO and India?GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE Directions: Questions 1 through 7 are based on the information below.

The s and s were turbulent years in United States history.

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This passage considers the impact of the Great Depression and Second World War on the United States economy. This practice test deals with finding empirical formulas of chemical compounds. Keep in mind that the empirical formula of a compound is a formula that shows the ratio of elements present in the compound but not the actual numbers of atoms found in the molecule.

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